Co-Creation, The DS9 Way
Co-Creation, The DS9 Way

It begins with DS9 asking our clients about their world. We want to know about their needs, goals, and dreams. We want to know what they hate and love; Who they think they are; who they want to be. From this dialogue we can interpret and filter their vision through the lens of our experience and expertise.

Hence we can develop a storyboard that informs us of function, narrative, and mood, all of which enables us to explore design concepts. At this point the client and DS9 collaborate to refine the designs and move on to the actual blueprint phase.

With our architecture in hand, we mix in other key ingredients. We add style, of course, vocabulary, logic and a little serendipity to create another smashing DS9 marketing tool.

Whether our work is contemporary, guerilla or traditional, our designs always have a magical sense of space and flow, and a splendid quality of light. Got a few minutes? Pull up a chair. Let's talk about your world.

The development of new products and services is accompanied with a lot of thought, experience and market research. And yet, a shocking number fail. 90% to be exact.

Why is this? clearly there is a benefit and clearly a market exists. But it takes more than a good product or a novel service to get customers to switch. We believe the manner in which benefits are communicated is often just as important as the product or service for which the communication is being built. To inspire action we need to create a catalytic communication strategy that draws from elements of your competitive superiority and give it a marketing treatment that sparks imagination.

To create breakthrough communications we delve in deep to understand unarticulated needs being met, study the marketplace to observe its constituents and functioning, and understand the mindset of intended audience. Only after going on this fact finding journey do we attempt to connect producer and consumer.

Our solution for a world plagued by 4% conversion rates.

The central premise of retailing is to provide consumers with a wide assortment of products on a sliding scale of price-points accompanied with great customer service. It is the service element of the equation that we believe has the biggest impact on a retailers overall performance and since online commerce is merely an extension of offline retailing we maximize online revenues by focusing on principles of good service. There are five strategies that deliver maximum impact:

  • Creating a visual experience that is complimentary to your unique brand
  • Finding and serving brand evangelists
  • Presenting shoppers with a slew of filter options
  • Creating a shopping experience that allows customers to do things impossible offline
  • Closely observing and adapting to how customers actually interact

Your products and services are both expensive and complex and we live in a web2.0 world were we've grown accustomed to free interactions. In this reality customers expect to experience what they are potentially investing in. Creating an experience theatre is the best way to translate your brand promise through an experience that a customer can control.

Our end product draws from all your unique and valuable elements of differentiation and presents the potential customer with click and play, drag and drop, scenario selectable interface that clearly demonstrates benefits. And because the customer drives this experience it has a greater conversion influence.

  • Blue Lavander
  • Blackbird
  • Endeavor Concierge
  • Jules
  • Wired
  • Zita Elize
  • Uluvka
  • Honeybee Gardens
  • Georgina Goodman
  • Haberdash
  • Genuine Ent.
  • Hot Choclate
  • Market
  • LRMR
  • Pyromaniac
  • Square One

DS9 Corp. was hired by Gatorade to do some product design concepts for a new secret formula that they had been working on. We were told to do endless brand marks, vehicle concepts, look & feel and packaging explorations.

We sent twenty 11x17 pages of designs, most of which are amazing and one of which is shown here. One thing worth mentioning is that we drink Vitamin Water.

"Georgina Goodman is the next Manolo Bahnik"
- Manolo Blahnik

Weird, colorful and deep website showcasing the style and mind of the kooky florist Zita Elze and her hopeless romantic husband Christian.

PLS Check Cashers is the biggest currency exchange in the United States. DS9 Corp.® created PLS’s brand standards, designed the design system for online and offline marketing initiatives. is the first fantasy football news site with a soul. A brand concepted by Derek Noonan, head of operations and founder of DS9 Corp.®

After moving back home to Pittsburgh from New York, Maggie Kopf wanted to bring some life to the Iron City. Her well traveled aestethic, prolific in her styles from days in Telluride, New York, San Francisco and now Sidney Crosby-ville. We enjoyed the creative collaboration with this client to an unmatched level; Maggie is a smart, open and detailed woman.

LRMR Marketing, LeBron James’ marketing agency commisioned DS9 to do various design explorations to help LeBron be the most famous athlete on the planet by the time the Seoul 2008 Olympics began on August 8th, 2008. archived

IceSpace was a “cool” ice lounge concept located along the River Thames in London in the middle of the summer. The archived website DS9 did for this client can be viewed here.

Blackbird is the web browser for the African American community. DS9 developed the brand identity system, designed the website and the browser itself.

On this "Business Building Process" microsite project for Van Kampen Investments, DS9 brought a traditionally boring brand out from under a rock with this piece of interactive design.

DS9 created Jade’s logomarks and logotext, produced all print marketing materials and developed it’s website as well.

This project runs from identity system work, to email marketing thru Campaign Monitor, to Website and facebook consultation.

This project is proof that one can build a solid eCommerce website on a shoe-string budget using DS9 design. We worked with an off-shore Indian development company and used an open-source cart framework to help the client keep costs down.

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